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A clear communication style is key to deliver your message to sector peers as well as to the general public. Whether you want to communicate the results of your latest research, major milestones reached with your organisation, or when you are running an advocacy campaign, it is crucial to bring your message across and make it accessible for your audience.

FSMA's first general capacity building session provides you with concrete tools and principles to enhance your communications.

As a preparation, please watch the video tutorial 5 key principles for jargon-free communications, prepared by Andy Narracott. Andy now runs his own communication consultancy Finding Impact and also has several years of practical experience in the WASH sector.

The Q&A session will provide a space to discuss the tutorial video and to address further questions related to communication practices in the FSM sector. Please send us your questions in advance or raise issues you would like to address by sending an email to membership@fsm-alliance.org or using the comment function under the video.


Since our members are based all over the world and in different time zones, we will be offering all our electronic events at multiple times. This meeting time is for members in North, Central and South America as well as Europe and Africa.

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Registration is free and open for FSMA members only.


  • Andrew Narracott (Founder of Finding Impact)

    Andrew Narracott

    Founder of Finding Impact


    The Finding Impact newsletter and podcast provide practical resources for social entrepreneurs in the trenches, making things happen against all the odds.

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