FSMA Spotlights: What does Climate-Smart Sanitation look like?

In this webinar, FSMA Spotlights showcases what low-carbon sanitation and climate-resilient can look like in practice. We will also explore the connection between sanitation and climate finance to help bridge the finance gap in achieving SDG 6 2030 targets.

The sanitation sector has been overlooked for too long in the climate change agenda, but it is finally starting to get some attention. There is an increasing recognition that poorly-managed sanitation and wastewater systems are not only a big contributor to carbon emissions, but also that climate change threatens existing sanitation systems and public health gains made over the past decades. This recognition is important not only for achieving greater resilience in sanitation systems but also for eventually attracting climate finance into water and sanitation. Still, much more needs to be done at the global and regional levels.

This session will focus on sharing ongoing approaches in connecting sanitation to the climate change agenda through better design, better research, and better financing.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A discussion.


The FSMA Spotlights webinar series aims to highlight key aspects and discussions around FSM and the sanitation service chain.

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  • Madeleine Edgeworth (Coordinator at Container Based Sanitation Alliance)

    Madeleine Edgeworth

    Coordinator at Container Based Sanitation Alliance


    Madeleine is the coordinator at the Container-Based Sanitation Alliance and project managed the feasibility study on the financial viability of carbon credits for container-based sanitation organisations and is now working on developing a new carbon offsetting methodology specific to CBS. Madeleine studied her bachelor's degree in civil engineering and her master's degree in Water and Environmental Management at WEDC, Loughborough University and has over 6 years of international experience in WASH and research.

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  • Rémi Kaupp (Executive Director of Container Based Sanitation Alliance)

    Rémi Kaupp

    Executive Director of Container Based Sanitation Alliance


    Rémi is the Executive Director of the Container-Based Sanitation Alliance, the association of CBS providers. He has worked for the past 16 years on urban sanitation with NGOs and social enterprises. He is very keen to find solutions for informal settlements, and he enjoys talking crap.

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  • Martin Kerres (Advisor at GIZ)

    Martin Kerres

    Advisor at GIZ


    Martin has worked on water and climate change issues for more than twelve years, including both adaptation and mitigation. Since 2019, he has advised water and wastewater utilities on decarbonization and climate risk management as part of the GIZ WaCCliM programme. Before joining GIZ in 2015, he focused on integrating climate risk considerations into the operations of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) as an Associate Programme Officer. Prior to that, he advised the KfW development bank’s water team on mainstreaming adaptation to climate change. Martin holds a Master of Science in IWRM from the Technical University of Cologne and Jordan University.

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  • Sumeet Pawar (Adviser Sanitation & Circular Economy at WASTE Netherlands)

    Sumeet Pawar

    Adviser Sanitation & Circular Economy at WASTE Netherlands


    Sumeet is an Adviser at WASTE. At WASTE, he is Secretary of the Faecal Sludge Management and Circular Economy (FSM-CE) working group of FINISH Mondial which has representation from India, Bangladesh, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. He studied MSc urban water and sanitation at IHE Delft and has over 5 years of international research and work experience with NGOs. He has an incredible interest in circular economy and connecting sanitation to climate change.

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  • Valentin Post (CEO of Finish Mondial)

    Valentin Post

    CEO of Finish Mondial


    Valentin Post is CEO FINISH Mondial (deputed by WASTE). He has over 25 years’ experience in working in developing countries. His field of expertise is financing, public-private partnerships, enterprise collaboration and capacity development in solid waste management and sanitation. He has managed the Waste Venture Facility, Guarantee Funds, and initiated several international public private partnerships. He is a co-founder of the Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation and Health (FINISH) programme in India (2008), Kenya (2013), Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda (all in 2018). Currently he is on deputation by WASTE as the CEO of FINISH Mondial. FINISH Mondial is partnership between WASTE, AMREF and Aqua for All. It covers six countries and has its own governance structures. FINISH Mondial has a track record of 1 million sanitation systems in 10 years and is set to scale this to 3 million in the next 5 years in a € 440 million sanitation drive that is mostly commercially financed.

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